Sound Measurement

ACOUSTICS is a leading manufacturer of products and solutions for reducing noise. Aside from the engineering and production, we also conduct acoustic measurements in the offshore, onshore, and shipbuilding industry.

ACOUSTICS uses the most modern production equipment by Bruel & Kjaer and has technology that enables location of noise sources, which consists of:

  • Sound Level Meter - type 2270
  • Calibrator - type 4297
  • Calibrator - type 4231
  • Intensity probe - type 3654
  • Microphone - type 4189/ZC-0032
  • Software - PULSE ® type 7752
  • Software - Noise at Work ®

Multiple years of experience in the "offshore" and "onshore" markets allows us to offer "turnkey" solutions and provide:

- Measurement of noise:

  • The location of noise sources (regardless of background noise)
  • Measurement of the noise of machinery and industrial equipment,
  • Measurement of noise at the workplace,
  • Measurements of ambient noise (industrial noise, road, rail, air)
  • Measurement of insulation

- Proposed solutions for reducing noise

- Production solutions for reducing noise

- Installation

- Check measurement-warranty

Our value of quality continues to increase with our services, and are implementing quality management systems:

  • ISO 9001
  • Achilles JQS