Our Services

It is well known that noise can create severe problems in the working environment. Here at ACOUSTICS, we have developed the skills, experience, and expertise to deliver outstanding solutions to these problems. With our range of noise control equipment, we adequately improve working conditions on board which in return creates a higher level
of production and creates a safer and healthier environment for employees. By reducing unwanted noise, communication is greatly improved and hearing loss can be nearly eliminated. Being able to control exceeded noise levels means production can continue with safety staying at the top position.

ACOUSTICS are equipped to handle the most demanding requirements, and offer the following services:
  • Investigation into Noise Problems
  • Noise Calculations and Analysis
  • Noise Assessment
  • Practical Advice and Recommendations
  • Engineering Consultancy
  • Custom Designed Products
  • Installation of Appropriate Noise Reduction Equipment
  • Post-Implementation of Noise Measurements to Verify the Improvements
  • Full Documentation in Accordance with the Clients Needs
  • All Work is Guaranteed