Our products

Depending on the requirements, ACOUSTICS can offer a wide range of products of various sizes. We specialize in custom made products, and our goal is always to recommend the right product for the right job.

Our product range includes but not limited:

  • Sound Attenuators (Circular, Rectangular, and Custom)
  • Acoustic Louvers (SRI)
  • Acoustic Baffels
  • Air Intake Chambers
  • Air Handling Units
  • Combination Units (Sinit + Sonex)
  • Wall Enclosures (Flexiwall)
  • Hoods (jet hood type Conex)
  • Dampers (shut off, balancing, backflow, manual)
  • HVAC and Duct accessories
  • Lint Filter Cassettes
  • Wire Mesh (Circular & Rectangular)
  • Tanks (Pressure tanks, HPU (Hydraulic Tanks)
  • Acoustic Panels
  • Custom Designed Products

We have the equipment and personnel to conduct specialized assembly and welding on-site designated by the customer, and we can also conduct the assembly and welding in our production factory in Poland.