Our Acoustic Louvres supports the Nyhamna Project

After multiple months of design, ACOUSTICS is glad to announce its support of our Acoustic Louvres for the Nyhamna Onshore Project. The Nyhamna project is a state of the art gas plant facility in Aukra, Norway that processes natural gas from the Ormen Lange gas field in the Norwegian Sea. Ormen Lange is Norway's second largest gas field and has depths of 800-1,200 meters deep. The well stream is processed at the Nyhamna facility, before it is exported 1,200 kilometers through one of the world's longest subsea pipelines, Langeled, to Easington in south England.

This is also not the first time ACOUSTICS has been present in the Ormen Lange / Nyhamna project. In 2005 ACOUSTICS designed and delivered Acoustic Louvres and Jet Hoods to the Ormen Lange project that were specifically designed for the extreme weather conditions known in the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

With ongoing projects like these, ACOUSTICS has proven its professionalism, quality and experience in the Norwegian market. We always aim to strengthen our ties with companies in these regions. Here at ACOUSTICS we are glad to contribute to the exciting developments going on in Norway and its continental shelf.

Photo 1: Shell/Øyvind Leren

Photo 2: Alice Bergfall