About us

With over 18 years of experience, ACOUSTICS has developed a unique expertise that specializes in reducing noise in the working environment. With concentration in the Offshore, Onshore, and Shipbuilding Industry, the demand for quality is among the highest, and will always continue to rise. We therefor take each situation separately, and provide the best solution that not only satisfies but exceeds each requirement.

Thanks to our quality products and services, we have established a worldwide recognition, and have set the standard in reducing noise. Our products have made an international impact in Norway, United Kingdom, Russia, USA, Brazil, Dubai, Poland, Germany, Denmark, China, Korea, Singapore, Gulf of Mexico, Iran, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Belgium, and Netherlands. With current and future contracts, this international impact proves our valuable knowledge in one of the most demanding industries.

In 2013, ACOUSTICS decided to expand the production facility by opening up a brand new state of the art factory dedicated for the Offshore Industry. With this new facility, ACOUSTICS will be able to participate and be fully equipped to handle a variety of projects that will expand and continue to impact the world with our noise reduction solutions.

Our skilled staff is always prepared to support you with any information needed. Our Technical Department is one of the most advanced, using state of the art software that enables us to provide 3D designs, calculations, and unique solutions built around the client's request. The Production Department uses the newest equipment and machinery proving the importance of quality and production speed to meet each delivery date. Our Production Staff has a variety of experience and certifications that is shown in the quality of each of our products. The Noise & Vibration Department utilizes today's most advanced equipment by Bruel & Kjaer (4th Generation). That lets us provide the most precise and exact noise measurements, and produce surveys to identify harmful levels of noise, and noise control options to reduce noise exposure.

ACOUSTICS always strives to meet each request. Our quality, experience, and expertise is applied to each requirement to meet every client's needs.